Documents required
Designation Qty
Motivated written request adressed to Mr. Deputy Director General EDBM 6(1)
Delegation of authority of the person signing the application if he/she is not  the manager mentioned in the status
Documents relating to the identity and position of the company
In case the company would be established in a free zone: establishment of a prior agreement with the free zone 6(1)
For a free enterprise outside a free zone: lease OR prior approval of (the) owner (s) of the location with signature (s) notarized (s)
Certificate of Legal Situation (SCJ) of the ground <3 months
Documents in addition for common law firm wanting to convert to free enterprise:
Registered status with tax file number
Extract from the Register of Commerce and Companies (RCS)
Tax Registration Certificate (NIF)
Statistical Card
Financial statements for the three years ended
Tax situation <3 months
Certification of CNaPS and OSTIE
Project documents
Dossier prepared following the standard plan (*) with all relevant details to assess the project 6(1)
Plan for recruitment and training of local staff (*)
Commitments signed by the manager or the person who received delegation of authority
Financing scheme
Elements/documents relating to the financial capacity: bank references, funding agreements or any evidence to show the financial capacity of the company to implement the project including for Enterprise of Promotion and Exploitation of Zones
Other documents
References achievements or beneficial interests in the field of industrial areas or, where applicable, in the real estate to justify its technical capabilities for Enterprise of Promotion and Exploitation of Zones 6(1)

(*): Model or form that can be retrieved from EDBM or downloaded from the website:
(1): SIX (06) copies, which are BINDING, consist of: A (01) original + FIVE (05) copies

Fees = 500€
Documents issued (within 20 days) after filing complete file without comments
  •  Certificate approving a free zone or free enterprise
Departement(s) concerned
  • EDBM-VPEI : Vice-Prime Minister in charge of Economy and Industry
  • EDBM-ONE : National Environment Agency
  • EDBM-Travail : Department of Public Service, Labour and Social Legislation (MFPTLS)
  • EDBM-Fiscalité : Ministry of Finance and Budget (MFB) / Directorate General of Taxes (DGI)
Notes and references
  • Law No. 2007-037 of 14 January 2008 on free zones and companies in Madagascar
  • The EDBM provides the promoter: a summary of the above-mentioned Act and the list of eligible activities under this regime