Documents required
Designation Qty
Fact Sheet and sort Sheet filled with Enclosure:
Location map of the implementation site and /or plan of occupation of land if non-delivery of precise geographical coordinates of the site
Diagram of the manufacturing process (manufacturing and / or processing plants units)
IF MINING PROJECT (mining project/career), attach a copy of the type of mining license (PR cases or PRE cases ) 1
For all other eligible EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) projects, provide a list of hardware investments to get visa from Department (s) supervising the activity (ies) concerned (s) for calculating the payment of FEE (Fees of Environmental Evaluation) – file along with the EIA documentation to the ONE (National Environment Agency), against receipt
Amount of equipment investment Contribution to the costs of monitoring and evaluation
< Ar 2 billion 0.5% of the total equipment investment
Between Ar 2 billion and Ar 5 billion Ar 2 million plus 0.4% of the total equipment investment
Between Ar 5 billion and Ar 25 billion Ar 7 million plus 0.3% of the total equipment investment
Between Ar 25 billion and Ar 50 billion Ar 32 million plus 0.2% of the total equipment investment
> Ar 50 billion Ar 82 million majorés plus 0.1% of the total equipment investment
Documents issued (within 60 days, added delays of request for additional information)
  •  Environmental permit (new project) or Certificate of Compliance (business activity) together with the Tender Environmental Charges (CEC) issued by the NEB/ONE
  •  Environmental authorization or approval (s) issued by the Department directly concerned by the sector
Departement(s) concerned
  • EDBM-ONE : National Environment Agency
Notes and references:
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  • International Conventions (Protocol agreement, …)

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Version: December 2013