In Madagascar, pharmaceutical industry is expanding. The country has the potential to emerge the sector through a rich biodiversity in medicinal plants, a favorable economic environment with the future Industrial Emergence Zones and access to African regional markets (COMESA, SADC, COI, ZLEC) offering preferential access to more than 900 millions of consumers. Between 2003 and […]

Malagasy flora holds highly wanted species in the world: the essential oils of Madagascar. They are exported to largest international brands and increasingly generate demands on the global market. Evaluated as endemic at 80% with therapeutic virtues, essential oils from Madagascar are world leading. 95% of the production of these oils are intended to exports. […]

Madagascar has favorable ecological conditions for the development of aromatic plants and the production of quality essential oils. Madagascar has a variety of ecosystems and an extremely rich nature. It has sites with high biodiversity potential and a preponderance of flora with a rate of endemism of over 80%. In 2017, the country has so […]

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