Tourism: Madagascar, land of contrasts:

A large array of micro-climates and a unique combination of endemic fauna and flora, camped on a kaleidoscope of landscapes make this island a treasure of contrasts. Tourists can climb high limestone mountains or pose on Asian looking green rice terraces, follow wild trails from wide dry savannah to deep tropical forests, rest along white sandy beaches color, scuba dive in emerald seas protected by coral reefs, or explore underground rivers and grottos …

An outstanding biodiversity is added to that, with a very high endemism rate: almost 80% for the flora (black and white orchids, palm trees, Ravinala, baobab, pitcher plant, medicine plants, …) and a higher rate for the fauna. To mention only few examples :
  • More than 90% of lemur species are naturally scattered only in Madagascar ;
  • 250 bird species found within the island are endemic ;
  • 98% of reptiles and amphibians of the country – including chameleon, geckos, crocodiles, tortoises and snakes – are found only in Madagascar ;
  • 92% of freshwater fishes are also unique while the coral reefs along the coast cover an amazing marine life.
Another charm of the Island-continent is its cultural diversity with its 18 tribes, and as many cultural facets. The lifestyles, the architectures and the particular traditions, were preciously kept alive from the remote origin of Malagasy people from Indonesia, India, Africa and Arabia, … The great variety of handcraft products and techniques also shows for this cultural diversity and makes handy souvenirs.

Madagascar joined the Vanilla Islands (Mauritius, Reunion, Seychelles and Madagascar) to acquire part of the new touristic market via each island’s strengths and complementarity. The amazing increase of tourists during the last 3 years, including the arrival of cruise tours, shows the dynamism of the tourism sector. This significant growth of the demand needs to be supported by an appropriate supply, namely in terms of accommodation facilities. Madagascar is especially lacking offers at a high and very high standing (4 and 5 star hotels).

Arrival of tourists at the borders and incomes

Legal framework
  • Loi N°95-017 du 25 août 1995 portant Code du Tourisme
  • Annexe I à l’Arrêté N°4912/2001/MINTOUR du 19 avril 2001
  • Annexe II à l’Arrêté N°4889/2001/MINTOUR du 19 avril 2001
Useful links
  • www.mtoura.gov.mg
  • www.madagascar-tourisme.com
  • www.ilesvanilles.com