Madagascar presents an interesting renewable energy potential yet remains underexploited. The extremely lower access level to electricity of the population (19%) shows that the local market is still in high demand.
There are 660 hydroelectric sites providing up to 7,800 MW. The most interesting ones are centralized in the East and the North sides of the Island as well as in the central highlands. Currently, the hydroelectric power generation is restricted to 115 MW allotted between the 3 interconnected grids of Antananarivo, Toamasina and Fianarantsoa.

Furthermore, Madagascar, by its geographical situation, has sunny days of 2,800 h per year providing an average of 2,000 kWh/sqm/year. At 50 m altitude, a sufficient wind force reaches a speed of 6 to 8 m/s in the North, 6 to 6,5 m/s in the centre and of 8 to 9 m/s in the southernmost part. The ground temperatures noted within 8 areas, amounting to 250°C, present high geothermal potentials.
The Law N° 98-032 of 20th January, 1999 on reform of the electricity sector leads to a free and healthy competition. In order to produce, to transport and to distribute electricity, the new public or private, national or foreign operators shall obtain an authorization, a license or a statement according to the utility of services and the capacity to produce.

In summary:
Utility Production Required file
Public service ≤500 kW Authorization
>500 kW Licence
Thermal self-production ≤1MW Statement
> 1MW Authorization
Hydraulic self-production ≤500 kW Statement
> 500 kW Authorization
Legal framework
  • Loi N° 98-032 du 20 janvier 1999 portant réforme du secteur de l’électricité.
  • Loi N° 034-2008 du 13 novembre 2008 portant modification et ajustement de certaines dispositions de la Loi N° 98-032 du 20 janvier 1999
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