The Time and Tide Miavana, located on the Ankao’s small archipelago, off the Northeast coast of Madagascar, added one more star to its prestige thanks to the stay of the American movie legend, Tom Cruise. More than a mere holiday, the actor and his ten guests greatly contributed to the local economy and, even better, to enhancing the Red Island’s image.

The Miavana Time and Tide’s end-of-the-world look is a dream for the whole world.

As one of the top 5 most beautiful African private islands, Ankao island has one of the most luxurious eco lodges on the African continent with a mainly English speaking clientele.

The Time and Tide Miavana, for high-end accommodations in Madagascar 

The 14 exceptional villas of the Time and Tide Africa chain highlight the charms that Madagascar has to offer in terms of luxury and ecological tourism. Initiated in 2013 and completed in 2017, the Time and Tide Miavana has received many prestigious awards as the first 5-star Eco lodge of the Red Island, which testifies to the performance and proficiency of the region where it is located (Diana). The Eco lodge has been ranked among the world’s best new hotels by Travel+leisure, the best long-distance getaway by Jetsetter…

A great and impactful luxury

Inspired by a famous British environmental conservationist from the 80s, Norman Carr, the Time and Tide Africa chains ensure the continuity of the work conducted by this nature lover, focusing its activities on ecological catering, community safaris and conserving the latest wild paradises on earth. Thanks to their presence, the brand contributes to protecting the rarest natural heritages in the world such as that of Nosy Ankao, a unique and fragile ecosystem.

Particularly committed, the Time and Tide Foundation donates more than USD 300,000 per year for the community, education as well as environmental conservation. Employing a majority of local employees, some of whom are living within the nature reserves, the luxury hotel also contributes to developing local skills and creating quality jobs for the regional population.

A potential region attracting famous people

One of the most visited areas of the Red Island, Diana region is known worldwide as a tourist destination.  In 2018, Diego Suarez borders recorded 51,673 international visitors, i.e. approximately 15% of the total number of tourists throughout Madagascar in a year. The region’s economy mainly revolves around tourism, whereby numerous world-famous landmarks can be found along the Far North coast and small islets surrounding it: Nosy Be, Nosy Ankao, Nosy Komba, Nosy Iranja…

Increasingly focused on ecological tourism, the region has an accommodation capacity of 1,600 bedrooms, of which more than 200 establishments are starred. In addition, four out of the six best eco-friendly luxury hotels in Madagascar are located there, according to the Luxury Lifestyle Magazine. The Anjajavy hotel is ranked second, followed by the Miavana Time and Tide, then, the Tsarabanjina Constance, and the Tsara Komba, a four-star- eco-lodge member of the National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World collection. Environmentally friendly while keeping the ultra-high-end, the presence of these hotels could trigger the “jet-set” of ecology enthusiasts such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Marion Cotillard, or the Prince of Wales…

Reflecting the region’s skills that are ideally suited for international diversity, there are over 180 qualified tourism guides, all of whom are multilingual:  French, English, German and Italian speakers. About sixty travel agencies and tour operators are equally identified. The Tsarabanjina Constance is moreover suggested along with the Miavana Time and Tide in the Ker & Downey Africa’s stay, an agency expert in the field of very high-end and ecological tourism.

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