The investment Ehoala park in Fort-Dauphin is a reality. Children’s Village in Ankôkô on this park was opened on 18 November. Worn by the NGO SOS Children’s Village, this social project for children and needy families and who also saw the contribution of the urban district of Fort-Dauphin QMM and the mining company, is the showcase Ehoala park. Its opening marked the celebration of the 25th anniversary of SOS Children’s Village. Spread over 5 acres, the village consists of residential homes, a kindergarten and a school for preschool for 200 students, a canteen and a clinic. The village also has a nursery for 1,000 mothers and 3,000 children under 5 years. Note qu’Ehoala park is this area of 440 hectares adjacent to the port Ehoala. It is expected to attract investment. Investors have already signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in demonstrating their intention to move into Ehoala park. Others show their willingness to do the same. They are in the agro-industrial and commercial sectors (processing industry and central purchasing), logistics to ensure the smooth flow of import / export.
These investments could create in 1000 jobs. What absorb part of unemployment in Fort Dauphin and its surroundings and thus help in the fight against poverty. Indeed, all these projects are committed to developing local human resources. They should each be injected more than 3 to US $ 4 million. Ehoala park offers investors good business opportunities. This is the first industrial park in Madagascar and it has the advantage of being located near the deep-water port. It is 4 km from the city and near the airport. It is secure and pre-serviced and water quality electricity from the QMM company. This means that the area is not known load shedding or water cut. Furthermore, the grounds of the park are offered at attractive prices. The exploitation of this area will allow the Anosy region and even to neighboring regions (Androy and Atsimo-Atsinanana) create an environment conducive to sustainable development, creating value added in the environmental, align vision sustainable development of the region Anosy with projects that go to implant and develop the fabric of local SMEs and create jobs.
To access Ehoala park, investors must go through a screening ended with the signing of an MoU. Subsequently, the investor through the presentation of his draft, and then its detailed design, preparation of a business plan and signing the contract. The construction and operation must be preceded by an environmental review. Ehoala park is being promoted in national and international exhibitions. The Fest festival in the current October in Anosy also attracted many potential investors in the park. In the tourism sector, Ehoala port is planned to accommodate 6 cruise ships and 8,000 passengers for the 2014-2015 season. The season starts in December and ends in March. For 2015-2016, it is expected 10 ships carrying 11,000 passengers.

(la Gazette 25/11/14)