US $ 11.5 million. It is the investment that the SMTP Bovima group injected into the project (Good meat Madagascar) comprising a slaughterhouse with international standards and a purchasing company and fattening cattle and goats. Yesterday DLC Anosy, at the seminar on the export of meat on the Malagasy French department of Mayotte, the general secretary of the group, Riana Rasamimanantsoa said that these two companies will be erected on Ehoala park, adjoining the port economic zone Ehoala Fort-Dauphin. They are expected to be operational in January 2016 and the first export should be on Mayotte. This island connected within 24 hours from Madagascar by sea imports its needs 4000 tons per year of meat from Brazil and Uruguay for a high average price of 20 000 Ar / kg! The reason is that it must follow European standards, the level of requirements is very high. Madagascar is not yet export to this market: it does not have an abattoir standards and can not ensure the traceability of cattle, etc.
The SMTP project should address them. The project manager, Rodolfo Graziani explains that contrary to the export made by Chinese from Toliara, this project involves following breeders and farmers. Indeed, fattening cattle and goats purchased from breeders will require 20,000 tons of inputs that corn to be delivered by local farmers. In all, the two companies should cover 6500 people from the 1st year. The cattle to buy should be aged 3 and weigh 300 kg. They are fattened for three months to 400 420 kg. Traceability is guaranteed from purchase to export. The project will install a breeding demonstration area, free school and beef hides and horns processing plant for the vulnerable population. On the export of meat, it should be 2800 tonnes of beef and goat meat in the 1st year, against 5,000 t in 5 years. For export to Mayotte, Ali Moussa, head of delegation in Mayotte seminar yesterday explained that a waiver request to the European Union will be required to authorize the exchange with Madagascar.
We must, in fact, three years to get European approval while it takes less time to get to international standards required by the Office International des Epizooties (OIE). The exemption is to consider Mayotte as a non-European territory but towards where we can bring products under international standards. In Africa, Madagascar, Liberia and South Sudan are the only countries outside of the OIE control. The project estimates that the Directorate of Veterinary Services (DFS) should benefit from more budget to do its job. The Bovima project that will evolve as the status of free enterprises also aims and especially the Mauritius and Seychelles market. Note, however, that applications already come from the Gulf and Asia. The project goal is to export while preserving livestock. Note, however, that part of the production will be sold on the domestic market.

(26/11/14 la Gazette)