Madagascar, land of hidden treasure

Important economic sector:

– 30% of export earnings, US $ 600 million in 2016
– 14% of tax revenue
– 40% of FDI
– 18% contribution to GDP

Two types of farms coexist:

– Small-scale and artisanal mining: 500,000 full-time jobs and up to 1,000,000 seasonal workers
– Large-scale mining companies: Ambatovy with initial investments of 8 billion USD, RioTinto QMM with 931 million USD and Kraoma

Several existing incitives to improve the sector:

– Madagascar is the first African country to have set up the mining cadastre system: The Mining Cadastre Office of Madagascar is created in 2009
– A mining business center of nearly 7,000 m2 has been inaugurated in 2017
– Madagascar is a candidate country for the EITI initiative



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