Opportunities Mining

1. LGIM: Law on major mining investments in Madagascar

This is a special legal and fiscal framework for large mining investments over 50 billion Ariary (approximately US $ 17 million):

0% VAT on export
Exemption from VAT on imports of materials, goods and equipment
Duty and import tax exemption
Consent of the Malagasy State to international arbitration for the settlement of possible disputes

2. Metals

Madagascar has the main important metals: graphite, nickel, copper; lithium, vanadium …

Increased global demand especially in new technologies: batteries, electric cars, electronics

3. Precious stones

Madagascar has some of the most expensive raw gemstones in the world: Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby. A total market of USD 12 billion in 2016

Increase in the price of fine gemstones on the international market due to several factors:

Depletion of high quality crude coupled with a beautiful size
Strong global demand, including the BRICS domestic market
Precious stones have become a safe investment

4. Gold

In 2016, Madagascar exported for US $ 62 million Gold

Madagascar has set up the Gold Agency and the Gold Counter to facilitate collections and exports