Opportunities Agribusiness

1. Sugar

Existing local demand: Madagascar consumes 190,000 tons of sugar but produces only 90,000 tons

Pre-identified land: More than 60,000 hectares suitable for sugar production already identified

Strong growth of global market for sugar and cane products: Global ethanol consumption is expected to grow by 25% over the next 10 years

2. Essential oils

Market Access: Including the US market via AGOA with a potential market of over $ 1 billion. Madagascar exports more than 34 million USD to the US every year

Diversity of offers: Several species of aromatic plants and medicinal plants already planted in Madagascar: Ylang ylang, Ravitsara, lemongrass, basil, etc …

3. Cooking oil

Existing local market: Madagascar imports 80% of its food oil requirements

Regional and global market access: A company based in Madagascar will be able to access more than 1/3 of the world market (> US $ 9 billion) thanks to regional and international trade agreements (EU, SADC, COMESA ..)

4. Fruit processing

Growing Demand: Global Demand for Fresh and Processed Fruits Steadily Increasing during the Last 10 Years

Abundant raw material: A large part of the production for litchi, pineapple and other fruits destroyed or not valued

Pre-identified sites: Sites that can be used for fruit processing plants already identified in the South East of the country

5. Slaughter units

Madagascar needs slaughter units meeting international standards to improve local supply and access to regional and international markets

Growing demand: Increasing demand for beef in the Middle East (Multiply by two between 2015 and 2016)

Promising regional market: Annual beef import of the countries in the region:
Mauritius: 50,000 tons
Seychelles: 15 000 tons
South Africa: 53 000 tons

6. Aquaculture

Pre-identified areas: 6 shrimp farming areas identified in by the Ministry in charge of aquaculture’s management plan: Mahajamba, Namakia, Morondava, Antsiranana, Ambilobe and Cap Saint-André. With a total of 30 sites and a production potential of 33,000 t / year