Free regime companies and free zones

Documents to provide and to append

Designation Qty
Formal request letter to the Chief Executive Officer of EDBM 1
Delegation of authority of the person signing the application if he/she is not the manager mentioned in the status 1

Documents related to the project

Document to be prepared following the standard plan (*) with all relevant details to assess the project 1
Plan of recruitment and training of local staff (*) 1
Commitments signed by the manager or the authorized person 1
Financing Scheme 1
Supporting documents related to financial capabilities: banking details, financing agreements or any document justifying the financial capabilities of the company to carry out the project, in particular Companies for  Promotion and Exploitation of Free Zones 1

Documents related to the identity and the situation of the company

If located  in a Free Zone : establishment of a prior agreement with the free zone 1
If located  outside a Free Zone : Lease contract OR prior agreement of the  owner of the location with authenticated signature(s) 1
Certificate of Legal Situation (CSJ – Certificat de Situation Juridique) of the land <3 months 1
Registered Statutes with Tax ID Number (NIF) (*) 1
Extract from Trade and Companies Register (RCS) 1
Tax Identification Card (CIF) 1
Statistical Card 1

Additional documents for common-law company wishing to become a Tax-Free Company

Financial statements for the past three financial years 1
Certificate by CNaPS and OSTIE 1

Other documents

References of achievements or actual assets in the industrial field  or, where appropriate, in the real estate field to justify its technical capacities for Companies of  Promotion and Exploitation of Free Zones 1

(*) : Sample or form available at EDBM or downloadable from the website:
(*) : Every applicant company must provide RCS, STAT, NIF because it must be created before requesting a change in status


  • Amount : € 500

Opening Hours

  • Request for information and file submission: Monday to Friday at the reception of EDBM: 8:30am to 12:00pm and 01:00pm to 04:00pm
  • Fees payment to front office of EDBM: 8:30am to 12:00pm

Steps or procedures before EDBM issues an approval certificate  

  • Registration on MIDAC module via GasyNet
  • Submission of complete files (Model + appendix) to be assessed on MIDAC
  • Submission of 02 hardcopies to EDBM

Document (s) issued within 20 days after submission of complete application without comments

  • Certificate approving the free zone or tax-free company status delivered by EDBM

Relevant department(s)

  • EDBM-MIDSP: Ministry of Industry and Private Sector Development
  • EDBM-Labour: Ministry of Civil Service, Administrative Reforms, Labour ans Social Legislation (MFPRA)
  • EDBM-Fiscalité: Ministry of Finance and Budget (MFB) / Tax Directorate (DGI)
  • GasyNet: for MIDAC process (electronic one-stop service for paperless process and follow-up of the “Free Zone and Enterprises” status approval


  • Act No. 2007-037 of 14 January 2008 on Free Zones and Enterprises in Madagascar
  • Decree 201 5-1096 of 7 July 2015 on the implementation of Act 2007-037 Free Zones and Enterprises in Madagascar
  • TRADENET (MIDAC) subscription form for online registration + note to MIDAC users for the issuance of the free zones and enterprises status approval