Opportunities ICTs

Can be developed in Madagascar:

  • Technology Parks
  • Manufacturing and assembly plants for electronic components
  • Mounting units for computers and telecommunication equipment
  • High value-added mobile application development structures
  • Integration structures of high-tech solutions
  • Tele-service companies (call centers, telemarketing, seized televisions, etc.)
  • Training centers certifying international technologies and standards in application development, information system audit, audit security, project management, …
Potentialities ICTs

Madagascar has many advantages in ICTs :

Competitive costs (from $ 200/m in call centers)
Excellent ability to speak French and English without accent
More than 900 students are rolling ICT training in 51 existing institutes and universities and over 200 new skilled graduates per year in telecommunications and information technology
Attractive tax and customs regime for EPZ
1st Fastest Connection Speed ​​in East Africa (broadband fixed speed) with EASSy and LION Fiber Optic Infrastructures

Opportunities Mining

1. LGIM: Law on major mining investments in Madagascar

This is a special legal and fiscal framework for large mining investments over 50 billion Ariary (approximately US $ 17 million):

0% VAT on export
Exemption from VAT on imports of materials, goods and equipment
Duty and import tax exemption
Consent of the Malagasy State to international arbitration for the settlement of possible disputes

2. Metals

Madagascar has the main important metals: graphite, nickel, copper; lithium, vanadium …

Increased global demand especially in new technologies: batteries, electric cars, electronics

3. Precious stones

Madagascar has some of the most expensive raw gemstones in the world: Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby. A total market of USD 12 billion in 2016

Increase in the price of fine gemstones on the international market due to several factors:

Depletion of high quality crude coupled with a beautiful size
Strong global demand, including the BRICS domestic market
Precious stones have become a safe investment

4. Gold

In 2016, Madagascar exported for US $ 62 million Gold

Madagascar has set up the Gold Agency and the Gold Counter to facilitate collections and exports

Potentialities Mining

Precious stones


Ferrous metals

Opportunities Textile

Potentialities Textile

New investors and existing companies are expanding again, demonstrating their confidence in Madagascar’s competitive advantages. The reasons why are clear:

Situation ICTs

Some figures

Opportunities Tourism

Areas for hotel development and other tourism-related services

 Four priority areas (2017-2018) :

Axe N: Diégo- Nosy be

Axe NO: Majunga

Axe E: Tamatave, Ste Marie, Foulpointe et Fénérive Est

Axe S: Antananarivo-Tuléar


Potentialities Tourism

Different kinds of potential activities : Ecotourism, Adventure and discovery,  Sun and Beach, Sport, Cultural, Gastronomy, Leisure, Business tourism

>4800km of coastline, the 5th longest tropical coastline in the world, and the longest in Africa

High percentage of endemic species : 89% of plant and 92% mammal species are unique to Madagascar

Air Transport Incentive Policy: Renovation of key airports and ports, restructuring of Air Madagascar and launch of new air services

The country is at the trajectory of humpback whales on their annual migration

Unique Asian-African art and culture

Situation Tourism

Tourism Facts 2016

Annual growth rate : 20%

Number of tourists: 293 185

Average length of stay of non-resident visitors: 20 days

Tourism Investment : US $ 3M or 19.5% of the total investment

Total contribution to employment: 641,500 or 11% of total employment

Tourism Revenue : US $ 748.29 equivalent to Ar 2 394.5 billion

Total contribution to GDP : 13%

Some figures